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4 Linked Selling Techniques To Hit Your Quota

Sales Leads words on a red 3d magnet to illustrate lead generation activity to bring in new customers and prospects

Savvy salespeople know that in today’s business world, traditional promotion tactics such as cold calling no longer work. Buyers now have plenty of ways to learn about a product or service before even talking to a salesperson. This makes it more challenging to cater to their needs and convince them to choose your business over your competitors.

Sales Leads words on a red 3d magnet to illustrate lead generation activity to bring in new customers and prospectsIt’s not all bad news, however. Marketers can leverage social platforms to generate new leads and nurture existing ones. LinkedIn, for instance, is an excellent place to find B2B sales leads. But with over 400 million users, you definitely need to stand out from the rest. Social selling only works if you know what you’re doing. The following are 4 Linked selling techniques to help you become the best online salesperson.

Create A Profile That Reflects Your Business

Your LinkedIn profile serves as an interactive resume and a marketing tool. Potential buyers are looking at your profile to learn more about your business. In most cases, they decide whether to trust your company or not based on what they see on your profile page. This is why it’s essential to showcase your expertise in your field. Using professional images, videos and other forms of rich media can also prove beneficial in earning the trust of prospects.

Find Your Target Audience

It’s relatively easy to find the people you want to promote your business to on LinkedIn. However, selling your product or service to them is a whole different ball game. Remember that potential buyers don’t want to see sales pitches all day. They want to be informed as to what they can do to solve their problem. Instead of focusing on amassing a ton of prospects, you can make your campaigns more efficient by focusing on a few, targeted leads.

A key component to social selling is to figure out the needs of potential customers and point them to the right direction. This can be achieved by publishing high quality content, sharing useful case studies, or simply linking out to other resources relevant to their queries.

Be The Thought Leader In Your Industry

9 out 10 buyers expect the best salespeople to share insightful news in their particular industry. This is why you must keep current on everything that’s happening in your niche. This might seem daunting at first, but in fact, it only takes a few minutes of your time. Make it a habit to read news in your industry and share what you think resonates with your connections. A simple link to a third party website already adds value to your profile page. What’s more, it lets your connections see that you’re not all about promoting your brand.

Build Real Relationships With Your Connections

Countless studies show that potential buyers are likelier to transact with brands recommended by people they know. As an online marketer, you must realize the importance of marketing to second-degree connections. The same thing can be seen in the real world, where in people tend to trust companies that have been personally referred to them. What’s great about social media is that you can build a large following of first- and second-degree connections within a short period of time.

There is no question that social selling works. Those who know how to reach their target audience and sell accordingly are likelier to reach their quota. These Linked selling techniques should help kick off your marketing efforts and put you in a good position to enjoy a good return on your investment.

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