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How To Set Up An Effective LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

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Establishing your company’s online presence is all about reaching your target customers. It is not enough for your website to receive thousands of traffic if you are not getting conversions. You must be able to resonate with the right people, and that’s exactly what LinkedIn can do for you.

webmarketing sales funnel with metal spheres inside plus a blue target with some balls on it illustration isolated over white.While LinkedIn is often seen as a more a social network for professionals and job hunters, it is essential to understand how it can help you generate leads for your business. This social platform has become a leading channel for brands to share their content to a wide range of targeted audience. It goes without saying that LinkedIn should now be an integral part of any social media and content marketing campaign.

LinkedIn As A Lead Generation Tool

B2B marketers flock to LinkedIn. With over 400 million users, this professional networking site is an excellent place to find brand advocates, prospective buyers and industry influencers. According to studies, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to lead generation. This fact alone should convince any marketer to start using LinkedIn as a means of expanding their business network.

LinkedIn has come a long way since its official launch back in 2003. Now, it has numerous features that make it easy for anyone to promote their business to the most relevant audience. With an in-house writing platform and multiple ad targeting options, content marketers can easily craft compelling content and have it reach their target market.

Although the social platform has made it simpler to share content, this doesn’t mean you can sit back, relax and wait for results to come your way. You must still come up with an effective LinkedIn lead generation strategy to get optimal results.

Optimize Your Content For Conversions

When writing for a publication, your promotional efforts may be limited. But by publishing content on LinkedIn, you have more freedom when it comes to promoting your business. This doesn’t mean you should shove your product or service to readers any chance you get. The key is to deliver valuable and meaningful content while making efficient use of calls to action that encourage visitors to learn more about your business.

Don’t make readers feel as if they are being sold something. Your goal should be to pique their interest and inform them about how your business can help solve their problem.

Give Shout Outs To Other Influencers

Connecting to other influencers in your niche is essential in expanding your connections on LinkedIn. But make sure that it’s a mutual relationship. From time to time, you can share anecdotes from interesting and useful conversations you’ve had with industry leaders. Through this, the influencers you mention in your posts are likely to share your content, which means more exposure for your business.

Actively Engage With Your Connections

Show your appreciation to your connections by participating in the conversations happening in their pages and answering the comments they leave on your content. Taking time to reply to their feedback makes them feel closer to your brand. This is an excellent way of building real relationships with your customers. Not to mention, this also makes it likelier for them to recommend your business to the people they know.

More brands are joining LinkedIn every day, which means the competition is getting stiffer. You should stay ahead of the curve by setting up a LinkedIn lead generation campaign that helps target customers learn more about what you have to offer. Keep in mind that it’s not about the traffic you receive, but rather the qualified leads that you drive to your business.

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