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All Souls College, Oxford is a constituent college of the University of Oxford in England.

LinkedIn is not just an online platform for job seekers. It’s also a channel through which high school students learn about college degrees. Since LinkedIn introduced University Pages three years ago, academic institutions have responded by creating their respective pages filled with valuable content for students, alumni and staff members.

All Souls College, Oxford is a constituent college of the University of Oxford in England.It has become a must for universities to establish their presence on LinkedIn. Otherwise, they risk losing out to other institutions. University Pages are a great place to publish helpful information about what the university has to offer. This can also serve as the avenue through which prospective students can have their questions answered.

By taking a look at different University Pages, you can see how schools have managed to make use of their profiles in unique and effective ways. The following are some ideas to help make your Linked University Page stand out from the competition.

Focus On Visual Content

Keep in mind that when using University Pages, you are mostly catering toward the younger demographic. High school students, in particular, embrace visual content. You want to get their attention by incorporating professional images, entertaining videos, meaningful infographics and even funny GIFs in your content.

It pays to be creative when crafting your content. You can think outside the box instead of publishing long form blogs with a couple of pictures here and there. For instance, you can feature “Photo of the Week” from current students. You can also hold contests to encourage user-generated content.

Link Academic Programs To Post-Graduate Success

Prospective students want to see that they will get somewhere upon graduating. Attending college is very expensive, so it only makes sense for students to choose a university with a good track record when it comes to post-graduate success. You can showcase successful alumni on your LinkedIn page. This is an excellent way to show potential students that they can be in the same position as the alumni you feature upon graduating from your academic programs.

Promote School Events

LinkedIn Event is a handy feature that lets you promote any event you have. Be sure that all your connections know about your event by promoting it on your University Page. This can be seen in action particularly when it comes to sporting events and events in which the university opens its doors to outsiders to tour the campus and attend lectures.

Maintain A Solid Relationship With The Alumni Community

Even if they’re no longer spending their time within the university campus, the alumni must still be considered part of the community. Remember that they carry the name of the university wherever they go. It’s a good idea to let the alumni community join your LinkedIn page. You can even connect them with current and prospective students. This kind of communication can prove to make a huge difference in how students view the university, their program and their career path.

Setting up your Linked University Page requires careful planning. You must ensure that all the information on your profile is up to date. Aside from sharing general information about your university such as population, tuition and study abroad programs, be sure to publish other entertaining and valuable content as well. Through your page, you can provide students with an insightful look into what it’s like to go to your university.

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