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While Facebook and Twitter remain the two most popular social networking sites, there is a contender that quietly climbs up the ranks—LinkedIn. Considered as a social network for professionals, LinkedIn has exploded in popularity over the past decade. It now boasts of more than 400 million users from over 200 countries. The sheer number of people on the site should convince marketers to use it as a marketing tool. Indeed, more and more brands create a presence on LinkedIn every day.

Young business man selecting virtual worldwide friends isolated on white backgroundAs an online marketer, you do not want to waste your time and resources marketing to the wrong people. You want to find your target audience and tailor your content based on their needs. With such a massive user base, it might be difficult to generate sales leads and enhance your brand on LinkedIn. Thankfully, developers have created several tools that automate certain processes. By learning how to include LinkedIn marketing software in your virtual toolbox, you can come up with more effective marketing strategies that bring your desired results.

Send Personalized Emails

Email marketing continues to be one of the best ways to promote your product or service online. However, this can get a bit tricky on LinkedIn. You might find it hard to manage all the email addresses you stumble upon on the social network. But there are email tools specifically designed to make this process easier. These often come as add-ons for Chrome and Firefox.

These add-ons work by aggregating LinkedIn profiles, Skype accounts, Twitter handles and personal email addresses from your inbox. What’s more, these tools allow you to send personalized messages to your prospective buyers without having to leave your email client.

It is also important to note that LinkedIn partnered up with Yahoo! Mail to enable users to enjoy the same experience.

Find And Generate Leads

With over 400 million users, there’s no way to manually check the profile pages of potential clients. Fortunately, there are tools that can automatically visit profiles without much effort on your part. In fact, the only thing you have to do is enter a relevant search term and leave the tool to do its job.

For example, you may want to promote your business to COOs in Los Angeles. Just enter this search term in the Autopilot plug-in and it will automatically visit all the profiles that show for this specific query.

The idea is to leverage the “Who’s viewed my profile” feature. The COOs in Los Angeles will see that you’ve visited their page. Of course, you must ensure that your profile is engaging enough to capture their attention. Just be sure to use this tactic in moderation to avoid triggering any spam filters.

Keep Track Of Your Leads

There are also tools out there that allow you to easily keep track of all the profiles you’ve visited. They can automatically pull data such as the name of the person, company name, location, job title and email address. You can open keep all the data in a spreadsheet, which serves as an effective reference when looking at your marketing efforts. It’s recommended to add a column at the end in which you can place anecdotes to help you remember what you’ve sent to the client.

There are more LinkedIn marketing software tools that can help speed up your online promotion efforts. Just remember that these tools are only as effective as how you use them. Leverage the power of these automation tools to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

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