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LinkedIn Marketing To Build Your Brand And Generate More Leads

Collection of inscriptions, symbols of popular social media: Youhoo, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube and others printed on paper. Selective focus

When it comes to building professional or corporate reputation, no social media can compare to LinkedIn. The network offers some spectacular possibilities in the field of B2B marketing and overall reputation establishment. Numbers back up those claims, demonstrating just how effective LinkedIn marketing can be.

Collection of inscriptions, symbols of popular social media: Youhoo, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube and others printed on paper. Selective focusOfficial statistics suggest that the average user spends 17 minutes on LinkedIn every single month. The portal has 414 million users (according to February 2016 statistics) and 107 million of those people are located in the US.

When it comes to marketing, LinkedIn is the absolute leader in the field of B2B lead generation. In a comparison between Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, this professional social network generated over 80 percent of the leads. Twitter came in a distant second with 12.73 percent.

These numbers show the scope of the audience and the effectiveness of marketing on LinkedIn. To benefit from the opportunity, however, promoters need to have a good idea about the network’s specifics and the techniques that will deliver the best results.

Start a Group

Starting a group dedicated to a specific industry or niche topic is one of the best ways to get started with your marketing efforts. Groups bring similar-minded individuals together. They provide a virtual space for professional communication. As a result, a company or an individual can easily establish their reputation as an authority within the respective field.

Group interactions also provide useful information about the needs and the interests of the audience. Based on this feedback, it will be very easy to come up with future content and boost the relevance of LinkedIn promotion even further.

Connecting and Growing a LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is also the perfect place to connect with industry leaders, influencers and potential customers. Building a large network is one of the first steps towards expanding the scope of an advertising campaign.

One common mistake that many people commit when implementing this strategy is sending a request without a message. To connect effectively and leave a lasting impression on LinkedIn members, it is important to accompany the invitation with a brief introduction. Personalization is the heart and soul of online promotion. LinkedIn is no exception.

Corporate Profile

Companies that want to benefit from LinkedIn need to have a fully-developed, detailed and interactive corporate presentation. LinkedIn company pages provide all of the necessary promotional tools. For a start, the profile has to be completed. Featuring an address, contact information, a link to the corporate website and a brief explanation of the company’s mission will all be required for a good start. After the basic profile creation, this page can be used to share useful industry information and establish a community.

It is always a good idea to explore the most popular company profiles and get inspiration from them. Many businesses are already making good use of the LinkedIn company pages, establishing themselves as industry leaders and quickly building a community.

LinkedIn marketing is not about direct, straightforward advertising. Rather, it is a channel that can be used for reputation establishment purposes. A company and a professional that are viewed as authorities within the respective field will quickly establish the prominence of their brand. This is what online advertising is all about. Audience recognition will then lead to a bigger number of interactions, potential new partnerships and an increase in revenue generation opportunities.

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